All of our Digitally Computer Modelled golf courses are fully playable as a home simulation, either on a standard PC or with real clubs using Golf Launchpad

Golf Launchpad Tour is a state-of-the-art golf simulator that offers world-class golf simulation, swing-analysis and game play on any Digitally Computer Modelled course created by 3dEagleview using the Golfgraffix system.

Play ultra-realistic golf with your own clubs for the ultimate in feel and precision.

Golf Launchpad Tour is precision-engineered golf simulator built with high speed optical sensors, a regulation DuPont Surlyn golf ball, and an ingenious micro capture net. Golf Launchpad Tour is the only home golf simulator that provides authentic feel, sound and accuracy from driving to putting without big simulator cost and space requirements.

With its RealPhysics processing engine, enhanced optics, a new compact design and PC + MAC + PS3 compatibility out-of-the-box, Golf Launchpad Tour takes home golf simulation to beyond what even the big simulators offer!

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